• Team Building CCP 2007 045Wouldn’t it be wonderful to offer your co-workers, students, or teams a chance to improve teamwork and performance? To build a high performing team requires a tremendous amount of motivation, commitment, confidence, concentration, and teamwork skills.

    Team building teaches life skills such as goal setting, communication, leadership development, citizenship, anti-bullying, self-confidence, trust building, problem solving, and managing transition and change.

    For over 15 years Optimal Performance Associates has been dedicated to providing innovative and exciting team building workshops that meet your specific objectives and goals.

    Our mission is to provide your organization with a dynamic learning experience that promotes the enhancement of relationships and the building of tangible skills that will produce positive results.

    Our highly skilled facilitators help each participant discover new insights while translating these insights back to your work environment. With today’s changing environment effective team-building and peak performance programs assist your organization in achieving a higher level of success.DJ

    Successful teams demand a clear understanding and sensitivity towards the various members of the team. Respect, trust, clear communication, common goals, commitment, and positive leadership, are key elements of a high performing team.

    Whether your goal is to develop new strategies, improve the way you work together, or to enhance team camaraderie OPA will teach you how to succeed.

    What OPA can do for your organization?

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Custom design and facilitate innovative team-building workshops and ropes course experiences for:

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Character education programs & teacher in-services.
    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Anti-bullying, citizenship, sportsmanship & stress management.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Boost morale and build relationships among co-workers.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Get everyone on the same page and working towards a common goal.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Help you gain a competitive edge by learning peak performance skills.

    Our Teambuilding Staff

    Keith Waldman, a partner in OPA, Optimal Performance Associates, LLC is a professional team-building, performance-enhancing consultant.

    OPA is an approved provider under the New Jersey Character Education Partnership Initiative as well as being an approved provider for Professional Development under the New Jersey Department of Education.

    Keith received a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan and a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology from Temple University. For more information, availability and rates please go to or call Keith Waldman (888) 868-3380.

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