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    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  In the event of rain, indoor facilities may be available. Cancellation may be considered due to rain only. Only Tall Pines reserves the right to cancel the party. In the event cannot be rescheduled all monies shall be refunded.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  All parties receive one party host.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is due upon reserving party date.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Final payment is due the day of the party. Make checks payable to: Tall Pines Day Camp

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Tall Pines provides all paper goods including plates, napkins, utensils and cups. You are responsible for providing the cake and candles or dessert.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  All parties are based on a minimum of fifteen guests.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Parents of the party guests are welcome to stay and also swim for an additional $100.00 group charge.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Party guests must stay together and participate in one activity at a time.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Additional activities may not be exclusive use.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  The number of guests must be determined seven (7) days prior to the party.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Private catering and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  No third party shall perform any services upon the premises unless approval is given by Tall Pines

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Glass bottles and pets are not permitted.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  First aid is not the responsibility of Tall Pines Day Camp.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Tall Pines reserves the right to eject any person defacing or destroying property, causing a disturbance or behaving in a manner that may be dangerous to himself or others.

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  Directions can be downloaded from our website at

    TALL-PINE-PICNIC-Retreats  I release and hold harmless Tall Pines Day Camp, Inc. from any and all liability to me or my children as a result of attending any function at Tall Pines Day Camp, Inc.

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    • A $100.00 deposit to reserve your date. We accept Visa/MC/Disc/AMEX. Please call our office at (856) 262-3900 to pay by credit card or list information below.